Handling of Personal Information

1. Administrative office

Phone: +81-3-5988-7725
Person responsible for the handling of personal information: Erika Sawa (General Manager of Travel Services)

2. Use of Personal Information

JETSETTER shall, insofar as is practical, closely define the ways in which personal information shall be used for the purposes of responding to the individual’s enquiries. In some exceptional circumstances would Personal Information be used without consent from the individual, noted as follows:-

When it is required by law
When an individual’s life is under threat and/or their assets at risk and request for permissible use is not possible.
When improvement of the public health condition or physical well-being of a minor is necessary and request for permissible use is not possible.
When requested by the national or local government or representative to provide such information in accordance with the legal standing whereby the necessary permission is unobtainable without further compromise to the investigating party.

3. With the exception of when required by law and above, JETSETTER will not disclose Personal Information to a third party.

4. Personal Information will not in whole or part, be entrusted or made available to any outside person or organisation.

5.JETSETTER reserves the right to decide the notification, handling and/or disclosure of Personal Information and the corrections of, updating, deletion of and halting disclosure to third parties unless requested by law.

6.Personal Information must be provided to JETSETTER by the individual voluntarily. If Personal Information is not granted willingly, JETSETTER will be unable to perform the above-mentioned services for the individual.

7. JETSETTER does not use methods of obtaining Personal Information without the knowledge of the individual. We do not use cookies or other web tracking devices without the knowledge of the customer, to retrieve Personal Information.
Queries, comments, and complaints regarding any of the above regarding Personal Information should be directed to: info@jetsetter.ne.jp